Jinhan International Logistics holds "your mission, we complete" and has always been committed to providing quality customer service and satisfaction


We established the model of "Integrated Supply Chain Management". Besides the traditional supply chain solutions, we extend our service vertically, combining procurement, import and export agents, customs clearance, warehousing, distribution, and after-sales service and so on. This is non - stop logistics services for our customers.


International First Class Freight Forwarding agents, Free-Trade Zone Company, able to handle all import and export business operating in free trade zones, customs business registration, customs agents, inspection, bonded supervision area, bonded warehouse, customs supervised truck transportation


The company contracts ocean shipping, air cargo import and export goods of international transportation business, including solicitation, charter, booking, storage, transit, containers assembling, devanning, clearing charges , insurance-related short-distance transport services , bonded warehousing, safe stock, distribution warehousing sorting packaging distribution business, entrepot trade, returning, the export tax rebate tour, Waigaoqiao free Trade Zone processing and assembly, box labeling and changing, temporary import and export service, customs-supervised truck transportation, and third-party logistics trade advisory.